Obresat.ru browser extension removal help

Obresat.ru pop-ups in your browser tend to indicate malicious app presence. A lot of computer users complain about common mishaps with adverts and redirection. People get crazy when they see […]

Yulkafed.ru browser extension removal help

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Wizard.exe Browser Fraud – How to delete Wizard.exe?

Wizard.exe hijacker results displaying the same web pages when user opens the browser. This becomes possible because there is malware injected into the browser. It changes the parameters of the […]

BYAIAMUF.exe Browser Fraud – How to delete BYAIAMUF.exe?

BYAIAMUF.exe feels free in chasing digital money nowadays. Bitcoin, Monero, DarkNetCoin, and other cryptocurrencies are in danger as the survey shows they are a target for cyber criminals. Trojan Horse […]

best-knownapp.com (Video Search – Advanced Movie Finder) extension – how to remove?

best-knownapp.com alerts mask to be legitimate notifications. Users see them when they are online. Firstly, they appear from time to time and even do not spoil normal browsing. When the […]

dsearchm3f2.com from Search.dsearchm3f2.com Removal Guide

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AccelerateTab extension for browser- how to fix AccelerateTab Google Chrome extension?

AccelerateTab is malicious software that typically is marked as PUA (potentially unwanted application). It has the features of the adware, it is able to generate a lot of advertisements with […]