How to remove Qbit System Care potentially unwanted software?

Qbit System Care pop-ups display in the browser various offers with promotional software. They become not only annoying but really dangerous, too. The applications they propose mask unwanted objects like […]

How to Get Rid of JNEC.a (JNEC.README.TXT) alerts?

JNEC.a (JNEC.README.TXT) alerts with scary information that your PC has been locked down and you have to pay some money to get your access back can become a cold shower […]

How to block push notifications?

Problems with push pop-ups may occur only on the condition that your computer is infected by adware. The adware in your system may be involved in permanently bombarding your […]

How to remove JISUOF.EXE Miner?

The JISUOF.EXE process is a Trojan Horse that Internet visitors call simply a virus. We classify this malware as Trojan and say that it haunts for such Bitcoin, Monero, DarkNetCoin, […]

How to remove Winmgr.exe Miner?

Winmgr.exe Trojan affects CPU work and results its exhaustion. This sort of computer threat is especially hazardous as it deceives users about own presence, however the real state is so […]