How to block W32.Virus.Win64.Bitcoinminer Trojan?

W32.Virus.Win64.Bitcoinminer malware is a double-trouble for the infected PC. Firstly, it can steal capacity of the PC for own needs and it takes time before the owner of the computer […]

systemsrv.exe process eats all CPU in Task Manager – REMOVE IT NOW

Users often do not know about systemsrv.exe Trojan presence on their computers. This cyber infection haunts Bitcoin, Monero, and other popular digital currencies with the help of infected files on […]

rminerd.exe trojan miner – How to Remove rminerd.exe?

rminerd.exe process is relevant to a Trojan Horse virus penetration. It disrupts Bitcoin, Monero, DarkNetCoin, and other digital currencies with the help of infected PCs. Even if your computer has […] (Search Swift) extension – how to remove? alerts mask to be legitimate notifications. Users see them when they are online. Firstly, they appear from time to time and even do not spoil normal browsing. When the […]